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What about long distance calls? To call anywhere in the world for free, both parties need to have Comwave Home Phone. Comwave Home Phone also offers unbelievable world-wide long distance rates! You can find our current rates using the “Long Distance Rates” box on the right side of your screen. How do I log in to Comwave My Account?

Jul 31,  · In order to hook up a fax machine, all that’s needed is a phone jack and a phone cord, although some fax machines require a specific cable. Learn about connecting cords into the .

The migration to Telus is at 5 months and counting. They continually offer more and more discounts. On the original install, 5 months ago, they did connect the internet, but the installers said they didn’t deal with phone and that I needed to call Telus. Also no bill or account has been setup for the internet that is running. I’m still paying the original service provider this whole time even though it is past their disconnect date.

This is the worst service I have ever experienced. Most definitely a monopoly buying up all the small fish as they’ve also purchased my alarm provider recently. If I had any other option, I would take it regardless of price. I responded to the text called in and have since spent approx 4 hours on the phone with 2 different personal representatives.

I have asked to speak with a customer service manager, but have yet to do so, even though I was told on 3 separate occasions one would call. I was told my phone would not work, you could no longer get the texts which by the way was for outgoing texts when I signed up The last few months it is for in and out.

Don’t know when they changed that!


CRA is an extra-legal organization which bullies people into paying taxes they may not owe, and will not provide clear guidance as to where the lines are. Just call CRA 3 times with a complex question, and usually you will get 3 different answers. Canadian Capitalist August 20, at

Refer to Telus Business Phone Line Equipment – Troubleshooting below; If you subscribe to Call Forwarding, this service may be activated and your calls are being received at another location. Turn the ringer back on or up if required. Business phone line equipment – troubleshooting.

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Mar 12,  · How to Install a Residential Telephone Jack. (as long as your computer is correctly set up for a DSL connection. If the phone line does not seem to be working, you may need to unscrew the new jack and make sure the wires are connected to the proper places and correctly screwed in. If further electrical work is required, make sure to go back 67%(59).

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Doing your own telephone wiring. Note: this page describes the phone wiring conventions in the United States. If you’re going to buy a two-line phone, there’s nothing more you need to do, since a two-line phone expects “Line 2” to run on the yellow/black wires. This color system actually extends up thru other colors to distinguish

I did extensive testing from my side showing that it was something on their network, opened tickets with them and the only response was to go through basic troubleshooting over and over, with no actual resolution. The speed is pretty solid, even during what I assume are peak times I don’t see any issues with it so I’m completely happy there. The setup was a bit of a gong show. I submitted an online form on their site which included collecting billing information, and then received a callback from a sales person.

As I was already on a Shaw serviced reseller this is an “active transfer” meaning just having Shaw switch my connection on their side to a different reseller. The sales person gave me the rundown on this, and told me to call TSI and ask for a specific cancel date with them. Also a support person would be contacting me after they sent me a temporary use modem since I couldn’t use the existing one until TSI released it to go through the transfer process again.

I did as asked and even sent a follow up email in response to my setup confirmation, telling Lightspeed the date I had given TSI per their instructions. I got the follow up call from the support person a few days before the supposed transfer, he told me a totally different date than what I was asked to setup for. I told him there would be an issue here, as I had been told to setup x date, and he’s now telling me they’ll try to activate me on y date basically two days before that , it obviously won’t work.

He said there’d be no issue and not to worry. Obviously on the date he gave me nothing happened, and then two days later TSI cancelled my service and I was without Internet. I had to sit on hold for over an hour to get through to Lightspeed they don’t respond to emails btw , to be told that it can take upwards of 7 to 10 days for a transfer to go through with Shaw, completely new information.

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They are beyond redemption and simply impossible to deal with. The connection is slower than carrier pigeon. Technical support can take hours to answer. But worst of all? Upload speeds slower than dial up, or even zero. Once my service literally stopped for about a week. When I finally got through after days they told me the modem I was renting from them was no longer supported and I needed a new one and pay a higher monthly fee too.

Rather than send me an operational modem in advance, they just let my connection die.

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Phone line Long distance and calling cards Calling features Self-serve options Smart Home Bell Canada is responsible for providing and maintaining service up to the point of the NID.

Resources and Links The Infamous Early Termination Fee While having a phone in your pocket that’s more powerful than the computers that sent us to the moon is awesome, our sleek smartphones come at a price. Often to the tune of hundreds of dollars. To help offset costs–and lure in customers–many carriers will cut the price on their phones and lock you into an agreement.

You get a massive discount on a phone and you pay it back over the course of a few years. So you call up to figure out your options and out comes the three most dreaded words in cell phone terminology– Early Termination Fee. Phone carriers would like you to believe that you have two options:

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What hardware and wiring will Telus be installing in the house for the new Optik TV? Will they be installing an additional ADSL modem and wireless router? If so, where does the modem have to reside (where the Telus demarcs in the house, or anywhere there is an existing phone line)?

Gateway types[ edit ] Several mobile telephone network operators have true fixed-wire SMS services. Messages are received by the terminal recognising that the Caller ID is that of the SMSC and going off-hook silently to receive the message. Implementations[ edit ] GSM gateway appliance[ edit ] A direct-to-mobile gateway is a device which has built-in wireless GSM connectivity.

Direct-to-mobile gateways are different from SMS aggregators, because they are installed on an organization’s own network and connect to a local mobile network. The connection to the mobile network is made by acquiring a SIM card number from the mobile operator and installing it in the gateway. Typically, direct-to-mobile gateway appliances are used for hundreds to thousands of text messages per month.

More modern appliances now offer the capability of send up to , messages each day. Some are more primitive than others. Regulation[ edit ] GSM gateway equipment is covered by the Wireless Telegraphy Act in the UK and can legally be used by any business to send SMS to their own customers or prospects when using their own gateway equipment. Direct-to-SMSC[ edit ] A direct-to- short message service center SMSC gateway is a software application, or a component within a software application, that connects directly to a mobile operator’s SMSC via the Internet or direct leased line connections.

They are typically employed for high volume messaging and require a contract directly with a mobile operator.

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