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Dear reader, I hope you enjoy this fic. Please know that a lot of love, frustration and often confusion went into this story. Based on your preferences I focused on Densi and Deeks , but also the team as friends to both Kensi and Deeks. It was done with the very best of intentions. This story occurs about six months from the season eight finale. His lips twitch in what she supposes is meant to be a smile, but it turns into more of a grimace. The twisted feeling in her stomach amps up another notch with each step he takes. Kensi wonders just how much they know since neither he nor Callen has called them on the strange schedule Deeks is keeping of late or the guilt she knows is lurking in the back of their eyes. He hooks a thumb behind him, pulling a face.

Growing Agents

UlquiHime, for those who love a good case of Stockholm Syndrome. There’s also GrimmHime as well. Not to mention Ishigo and Ichida and another ‘easy’ round of “guess the pairing”.

In the wake of the Season 10 premiere, many viewers questioned whether Deeks’ and Kensi’s argument at the end of Season 9 would ever be more directly addressed on the show.

Los Angeles recap below. Ferris answers the phone, but injects Kensi immediately upon hanging up. Sam says Deeks is too close to this and loosing his focus; they enter the church and go 3 separate directions. In one of the back rooms, Callen finds a woman strapped to a wheel chair with a black bag over her head; when he uncovers her face, they see it is Joelle Taylor Elizabeth Bogush and not Kensi.

Deeks wants to know where Kensi is. Joelle says she is fine but just rattled; Deeks gets irrritated when she has no idea who took her nor where he went. Deeks dashes from the room, yelling he has to find her.

NCIS Los Angeles Season 8: G. Callen Gets GF, Deeks & Kensi Hitched

Little Wonders by imahistorian reviews “It’s the heart that really matters in the end. And both Kensi and Deeks learn a thing or two about enjoying the good things in life, including a night sky and each other. Post-Free Ride one-shot, Densi. Los Angeles – Rated: He’s flirted with crossing the line, stepped right onto it before backing away.

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The team gets together to give Callen a happy Thanksgiving. A tired squad decides to still go out for a post-case drink, where Nell is confused about the way that Eric is acting. Deeks is back but how fares his relationship with Kensi? K – English – Romance – Chapters: Based three years on from Poisk, Callen and Nell find themselves in danger when their neighbours are attacked. Hanna Pins, Bullets and Journals by knirbenrots reviews Digging into a case that demands Callen’s presence make Eric and Nell realize how dangerous it may be.

T – English – Angst – Chapters: Someone to talk to by ilse23 reviews A prequel to Happy Sinterklaas. Callen, OC] Down and Out by kensi reviews Kensi and Deeks are searching a house when an explosion catches them off guard. Both are injured, but Kensi, being closer to the source of the blast, is hurt worse than Deeks. It isn’t long before Callen and Sam find the person responsible.

Kensi and Deeks

The ballroom of the Hilton Hotel was beautiful; white walls, a polished hardwood dance floor, and crystal chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. Waiters in black tails were serving lemon water and white wine, bustling from table to table without stopping. As the NCIS team settled in their seats, Deeks noticed a string quartet setting up in the far corner of the room.

Growing Agents – A Densi Fanfiction Fanfiction. A Densi Fanfiction created by me and @densi_rocks (IG). All credits go to both of us!! Kensi and Deeks are dating and expecting a baby boy, but in the mean time some things happen and that might affect their future. Ok y’all noticed I’m awful wit.

And yes, I was lucky enough to have ECO sign the tweet during our set visit! Ok, enough of that bit of fangirling. Now back to our originally scheduled analysis post! The open of this episode is more than disliked by the vast majority of the NCIS: Now onto the good stuff! So we immediately learn the shooters were Sam and Callen, which leaves us wondering who the victim was, how does he really know Deeks, and what is this op all about?

After a bit of easy chatting among Deeks and Ray, dialogue edited below for length D: Both live in the Miami vicinity, but mainly in swamps. Everyone knows that, right? She just go all Wikipedia on me? They all chuckle and exit the car. Deeks lets out a notable breath.

‘NCIS: LA’ season 8 spoilers: Will Deeks and Kensi tie the knot

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Oct 14,  · Kensi and Deeks have been through a lot together professionally and personally on NCIS: on Monday’s episode, Kensi came clean to her partner about .

The team discover her boyfriend is missing too, and make the connection that she has been kidnapped due to his journalistic involvement with drug cartels. The case itself is not particularly memorable; what does make this episode is the discussion of Christmas traditions between the characters, and they are each given their chance to shine. The notable exception is Assistant Director Granger who is absent throughout.

Hetty puts in an appearance at the start and close, bracketing the episode as she and Callen discuss the thirty day countdown to D-day in the mole investigation, and finally by wishing everyone a merry Christmas. Once again the wonder twins are allowed out of ops, this time taking their partnership into the field as they persuade two rather inept criminals to reveal the location of the missing Navy Lieutenant.

He will end up getting killed or getting someone else killed.

NCIS Los Angeles Densi’s first fight 6×16

Los Angeles’ Season 8: By Mandy Adams , Nov 11, Los Angeles” season 8 had another exciting episode after Kensi Daniela Ruah woke up from a coma. However, there seems to be much trouble in paradise and Deeks and Kensi struggle with the newest obstacle in their relationship. Kensi Calls Off Engagement Before the helicopter crash in the Syrian incident, Kensi said “yes” to Deeks when he asked her to marry him. However, Kensi admitted that she doesn’t remember any of that and Deeks pops the question again.

Watch ‘NCIS: LA’ Sneak Peek: Kensi and Deeks Discuss Their Wedding Plans from Entertainment Tonight. The veteran procedural airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

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NCIS: Los Angeles FanFiction Archive

Los Angeles recap below. Callen and Sam go undercover to track his co-worker aboard a plane to Tokyo who intends to sell the classified intel. Meanwhile, Deeks plans a surprise get-together for Kensi and her out-of-town friends. LA begins tonight with Sheldon Rhodes Blair Hickey arriving at his RV, when he opens it, the lights flicker and he finds warm beer in his fridge. He worked for West Central AeroSpace, an elite group of engineers who are working on a Naval missile destroyer stealth ships.

Witnesses say it was a sudden and massive explosion, Kensi and Deeks were sent to the Aerospace company by Hetty Lange Linda Hunt , to speak to his co-workers and friends.

Kensi and Deeks are searching a house when an explosion catches them off guard. Both are injured, but Kensi, being closer to the source of the blast, is hurt worse than Deeks. It isn’t long before Callen and Sam find the person responsible.

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Inside Kensi’s Emotional Moment on ‘NCIS: LA’

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Suddenly forecasting the likely outcome of the situation, Callen reverts to simply accepting the paperwork. What are you drinking? So is this why I have to pull over every 20 minutes for you to pee? Deeks snickers and grins. In the initial crossover and season 1 episodes, I was hoping to like Nate because of the interpersonal analysis his role would provide. However, sadly, I just never felt a connection with his character. I know he was supposed to be there more to profile suspects, victims, and cases overall, something done far more entertainingly by Nell, but him being there more for the team, feels like a far better fit.

I truly hope they do bring back Nate for this specific purpose. Of course they brought back Nate! Kensi walks through a hypothesis of the chain of events while Deeks investigated the video feeds at the morgue. Looking a little Mr. A thousand ways to die. Only two ways to go though. You will have to choose.

NCIS: Los Angeles 7×14 Densi Scenes – Moving in Together and Densi Kiss

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