Stealing Culture: Azeris Launch Campaign Claiming Armenian Carpets As Their Own

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Samuelian Meets With Los Angeles Community Leaders and Organizations

Approximately 3 million Armenians live within the boundaries of their own country, while another 7 million live in the diaspora. That means one-third of Armenians shape their culture from abroad. Christianity is likely the most important cultural glue of the Armenians for two reasons. Therefore, Ararat is the center of historic Armenia. Second, Armenia was the first country to adopt Christianity in A.

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I have been vigilantly monitoring the protests in Armenia since its inception, April 13, Just like everybody else, I was skeptical. Until, I heard opposition leader Nikol Pashinyan speak. The way Pashinyan was addressing people was highly affective even for someone like myself in the diaspora. It was also a huge plus to be able to tune in via Facebook Live from anywhere and anytime. Pashinyan had me so engaged with his simple way of communicating their message that I was hooked. I would pop in regularly using my iphone to get the latest updates.

Quickly their demonstrations doubled and tripled in numbers.

Armenian Revolution

A UCLA-led research team believes the site produced wine for religious ceremonies associated with burials. January 11, By Thomas H. Maugh II, Los Angeles Times A UCLA-led team reported Monday that it had discovered a 6, year-old facility in an Armenian cave that contained everything necessary to produce wine from grapes, including a grape press, fermentation vats, storage jars, wine-soaked pottery shards and even a cup and drinking bowl. The ancient winery is at least 1, years older than any similar installation previously known, and it was found in the same cave where researchers in June announced the discovery of the world’s oldest leather shoe.

The cave was abandoned when the roof caved in. All the organic material was preserved by a concrete-like layer of sheep dung that sealed everything in and prevented fungi from destroying the remains.

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Ancient winery found in Armenia

History[ edit ] Loyola High School of Los Angeles is the region’s oldest continuing educational institution pre-dating both the Los Angeles public school and the University of California systems. After relocating to Hill Street in and to Grand Avenue in , the Vincentian fathers ceded control of the school to the Society of Jesus in , and it relocated to Avenue 52 in Highland Park as the prep school Los Angeles College. In the school moved to its current location on Venice Boulevard after the copper magnate and Irish philanthropist Thomas P.

Higgins helped secure land for the school. The college was renamed Loyola College the following year, in honor of St.

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Personal life[ edit ] Kardashian was born in Los Angeles, California. He has a sister and brother, Barbara and Tom Kardashian. The family, known at the time by the surname Kardaschoff, in Russian style , made their way from their home village of Karakale probably to Bremerhaven , Germany, a popular emigration port. From there, they travelled to a new life in America. Their son Tatos anglicized his name to Tom, started a business in garbage collection in Los Angeles, and married another Kars-Karakale immigrant, Hamas Shakarian.

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Single Armenian Female in Los Angeles

Armenians have been around for a long time and their rich culture is impressive, to say the least. For example, Armenia was the very first nation to adopt Christianity as a state religion in the year of Therefore, it is no surprise that great majority of Armenians believe in God and practice their religion. Armenian Women Characteristics What are the Armenian women really like?

Armenian Power, also known as West Side AP XIII, AP, the Armenian Mob, or Armenian Mafia is an Armenian American criminal organization and street gang located in Los Angeles County, California. They are involved in drug trafficking, murder, assault, fraud, identity theft, illegal gambling, kidnapping, racketeering, robbery and extortion.

Evanson created a committee to further support archiving history of the department. The committee evolved into a formal organization. The Society was initially named “Olde 23s” because of the expectation that the group would restore old Fire Station 23 and move in to the facility. Unfortunately, that never happened. They were in need of a new home. Fire Station 27 had withstood significant damage during the Northridge Earthquake.

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Armenians can be found in almost every major city of Iran, engaged in a variety of professions and occupations, as university professors, physicians, high-school teachers, businessmen, engineers, skilled workers, truck drivers, artists, technicians, artisans, professional athletes, etc. This led to a split in the Armenian community, since a large number continued to follow the catholicos of Echmiadzin, who refused to relinquish the jurisdictional claim of his church over the entire Iranian community Nyrop, Iran, p.

Each prelate functions as the top executive and religious authority in his community and is assisted in discharging his duties by a special church council which he chairs. The members of this council are nominated by the assembly of representatives usually one representative for every 2, which, as a kind of legislative organ, is elected every four years by popular vote to regulate the internal affairs of the community.

There is also a National Armenian Committee that represents the community as a whole and is charged with the protection of its interests. The great majority of Iranian Armenians follow the traditional Gregorian church of Armenia, but other denominations also exist.

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She is by far our top requested celebrity. Often times, with the media running wild on just the gossip, other relevant or interesting aspects of celebrities lives get overlooked. So, for this interview, we will ask her questions related to her Armenian heritage and history in hopes to find out just a bit more about the subject. Kim on the Armenian Genocide Along with the success of her many projects and ventures, she is a consummate doner to charity. Kim is a Dream Foundation ambassador which grants last wishes to terminally ill adults and does regular sales on Ebay to generate donations for the charity.

So without further ado here is our interview with Kim, asking the questions we felt our readers most wanted to know the answers to. We hope you enjoy it! Hello Kim, thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to answer a few questions. First of all, how are you and what are you up to? There is a ton of information about you, but one small fact remains unanswered.

We are hoping you can shed some light on your Armenian background and how it has shaped your life. I am 4th generation Armenian, born and raised in Los Angeles.

Armenian Americans

Tony Aivazian wanted a way to recall his hometown when neither photos nor the possibility of going back to visit existed. So he drew a map of Hajiabad — one of a cluster of Armenian enclaves in Iran dating back hundreds of years — where he was born. He included all 75 homes, which he numbered on a map, as well as the location of the town’s church, school, store and cemetery.

It took him almost a year to fill in the residents’ names, each entered inside the corresponding house on the map and then repeated in a separate legend in both English and Armenian. Advertisement But it wasn’t until a year later, when Aivazian’s wife Seda, who is from a neighboring Armenian village in the area, was about to throw away a coffee table that the retired security supervisor hit upon another idea: I want them to know that in a way that was more than just paper.

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Lilit gave birth to a beautiful 8 pounds, 9 ounces baby girl. The young and most recently new mom has been a busy girl, ever since she was a little girl she showed an interest for dancing. Lilit Avagyan went to Europe and studied just that for 12 years! She started in a ballet academy from which launched her ballroom career. For the last thirteen years she has achieved many highs in her career.

By she moved back to the U. S and became also a dancing teacher! No wonder she has that rocking body! Ever since the couple got together her resemblance to Kim-K has been told too many times, I mean they do look alike so what the girl has Armenian blood as well that has to count for something right! The couple seems to be getting along just fine and even more with them becoming parents for the first time.

She even beat Kim on getting pregnant! Just like her man she has had her own success: She was part of the guest performers at Dancing With The Stars. When at home in Los Angeles she choreographs and teaches and continues to study various forms of dance.

Armenian illuminated manuscripts

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Their relationship deteriorated so much that when I left on my mission, I wasn t sure they would still be married when I returned.

Mari Manoogian, who received the endorsement of the Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA), is now the State Representative for Michigan’s 40th district.

Armenian belongs to an independent branch of the Indo-European linguistic family. It is a highly inflective language, with a complicated system of declensions. It is agglutinative, rich in consonants, and has no grammatical gender. The vocabulary includes many Persian loan words. There are two main dialects: The alphabet, patterned after Persian and Greek letters, has 38 characters. Armenian literature dates from the early 5th century ad.

A Walk With Armenian March For Justice, Los Angeles, 2015

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